Dr. Corey Lee
Associate Professor

Throughout my career of teaching, I developed strong interests in the areas of distance education, mobile learning, interactive multimedia, and graphic/website design. In my classes, I introduce a wide range of software applications and open-source packages to students, allowing them to master computer-based tools used in the design and creation of electronic media, such as electronic images, sounds, videos, text, and motion. 


Active Projects






Funded Grants

Active Projects


eLearnReady is a free, web-based tool designed to analyze students’ preparedness for online learning. eLearnReady received a 2023 Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) Classics Award. The MERLOT Awards program recognizes and promotes outstanding online resources designed to enhance teaching and learning and to honor the developers of these resources for their contributions to the academic community.

EdTech Align

The present study developed and psychometrically examined an instrument for measuring teacher perceptions of their edtech competencies, as aligned to four popular sets of standards – ISTE-E (ISTE, 2017), AECT Standards (2012), AACE’s TETC (Foulger et al., 2017), and the NSQOT (VLLA & QM, 2019). The rationale for adopting this broader approach was threefold: (1) to mitigate concerns about the validity of a single set of standards, (2) to increase the instrument’s overall generalizability for different educational institutions, and (3) to accommodate online and hybrid instructional modalities in a post-pandemic world. A four-point Likert-type scale was assigned to each statement item.


College of Education, Coastal Carolina University

  • Teach graduate courses in the areas of technology integration, multimedia, instructional design, educational games/simulations, and online instruction
  • Provide service to university, schools, local communities and professional organizations
  • Advise graduate students

College of Education, Coastal Carolina University

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Instructional Technology, Distance Education, and Multimedia Design
  • Design and maintain college website
  • Provide service to university, schools, local communities and professional organizations
  • Advise graduate students

Wayne State University

  • Designed and developed the look and feel of the OTL web site and recommend information architecture for the content
  • Consulted with faculty and other instructors on web design principles and technology
  • Developed and delivered the OTL workshops related to web design for instruction
  • Consulted with faculty and instructors and OTL teams related to instruction for the web

Savannah College of Art and Design

  • Assisted in the development of eLearning curricula and courses
  • Worked closely with faculty content experts to develop effective content and course designs
  • Provided artistic direction to media designers and content experts
  • Responsible for editing, reviewing and evaluating course content
  • Provided quality assurance testing for courses and postproduction work

The University of Findlay

  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of technology integration, multimedia, instructional design and online instruction
  • Designed and managed the faculty online database
  • Managed and administered student online portfolio system—LiveText and TK20
  • Performed program assessment
  • Designed and managed online budget system

The University of Findlay

  • Designed, developed and presented workshops for faculty
  • Designed and developed instructional support materials for online teaching practices
  • Developed strategies for grant and project evaluations
    Assisted faculty members in integrating instructional technology into their teaching practice
  • Integrated web technology into data collection for evaluation and improvement
  • Gathered information through observation, research, and interviews
  • Organized material and documents training material based on the principles of instructional systems design




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