Building class website with Weebly

What is Weebly? Weebly is a drag and drop, do-it-yourself type website builder. Whether you are building a website for personal reasons or for your classroom, Weebly has everything you need to get started. Weebly is the perfect tool for the classroom teacher with a little bit of imagination. The functionality of the drag-and drop design cannot be beat and this is what makes it a great tool for students of all ages. If you are a teacher you can use Weebly to create a classroom website to keep-parents up to date on what you are doing in your classroom. Use Weebly as a portal to submit classwork and assignments, start a classroom blog. unit project or special class projects. Students can benefit as well. Have students use Weebly to create personal e-portfolios. Weebly is relatively easy to use and with Weebly; building a professional website couldn’t get any easier; Click, drag and then drop!

Sign up for a Web site at to set up your class site.