09/21 – 09/27 : Module 6

Writing Performance Objectives

Goals and Outcomes

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Differentiate among the terms instructional goal, terminal objective, subordinate skill, subordinate objective, behavioral objective, performance objective, and instructional objective.
  • Name and describe the parts of a properly written performance objective.
  • Write a terminal objective that includes relevant information about the instructional context and/or the performance context.
  • Write performance objectives for skills that have been identified in an instructional analysis. These objectives should include the skill to be performed, and the criteria to be used to assess learner performance.

Selected Readings

Chapter 6 from: Dick, W., Carey, L. & Carey, J.O. (2015). The systematic design of instruction. (8th ed.). New York: Pearson.

Lecture Outlines

EDIT 700 Chapter 6

“To Do” List

Do: Begin working on Report 1. Report 1 will require you to synthesize and apply all your knowledge gained from chapters 1-6.  Report 1 will be due on the first day of module 7.

Do: Begin your Learning Blog. See your Learning Blog assignment details in Assignments. The initial link to your evolving reflective Learning Blog is due on the first day of module 7.

DO: Discussions

Discussion Forum 6 : Performance Objectives

Chapter 6 is about performance objectives. Performance objectives are the best-known part of the instructional design model. This is also known as behavioral objectives. Provide an example of a performance objective that you have either taught or have been taught, then explain how this influenced the corresponding instruction in ways DIFFERENT than if there were no performance objective component. MAKE SURE you have read the chapter and ppt lecture outlines about performance objectives before providing your examples.

For all discussions, full credit is awarded for providing a meaningful and well-written original thread and responses to two classmates. Discussion postings should always be thoughtful, courteous and on topic. In order to ensure that postings are appropriate in length and substance, please limit your initial postings to @100 words and each of your responses to @50 words.

Make your initial posts before 11:59 p.m. U.S. EST/EDT on Day 5 of this module. Complete your replies before 11:59 p.m. U.S. EST/EDT on the next Monday.

Discussion postings should always be thoughtful and courteous and include some references or direct evidence from the module’s content, readings, or assignments to support your statements. 

Instructional Design Project REPORT 1 – Pre-instructional Components

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN PROJECT. Report 1 is all about getting started with a real instructional issue and context. You will need to immerse yourself into the CONTEXT of the instructional scenario and APPLY the CONTENT of the text in order to write your report.

You will need to thoroughly gain insight into the components of each report.

The details of these Reports are briefly listed below – for further explanation of each component, please see the text.


Report 1 – Pre-instructional Components: 25 Points

  • State the context of your instructional analysis: Exactly where and in what setting will you be analyzing the instruction?
  • Rationale for selection of context
  • Description of context
  • Description of learners (demographics, details, etc.)
  • Performance context of learners and implications for instruction
  • Instructional goal statement – what are the learners supposed to be learning?
  • Goal analysis – a breakdown of the instructional goals
  • Subskills analysis – a list and reflection of the skills needed to perform the instructional goals
  • Entry behaviors analysis – what can the learners already do in relation to the instructional goals?

Due on the first day of Module 7. Submit it in Moodle. APA format. Length will vary among students and topics