10/26 – 11/01 : Module 11

Rethinking the Role of the Teacher

Goals and Outcomes


After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • describe SMART principles when designing objectives
  • identify core opportunities for schools
  • identify the reconceived role of the teacher overall and at protagonists’ schools
  • match the blended learning model to the types of problem, the type of team, the type of desired student experience, the role of the teacher, the physical space, and the availability of Internet-enabled devices
  • explore how to support teachers in a blended learning environment.

Selected Readings


  • Chapters 3 and 8 from:
    Horn, M. B., & Staker, H. (2014). Blended: Using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.


  • None

“To Do” List


Project, Part 4: Utilize Resources

Please read the Project: Blended Learning Activity page for details about this assignment. 

Due Dates

To guide you through the whole process, six parts aligned with the ASSURE model are created. The due date for each part is listed below.

  • Project, Part 4: Utilize Resources (Due on the 1st day of Module 14)
  • Project, Part 5: Require Learner Participation (Due on the 1st day of Module 15)
  • Project, Part 6: Evaluate and Revise (Due on the 1st Monday after Module 15)
    You can view the exact due dates on the Course Schedule page.