10/12 – 10/18 : Module 9

Introduction to Blended Learning Models

Goals and Outcomes


After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • define what blended learning is and what it isn’t
  • describe four different models of blended learning
  • describe high-quality blended learning
  • describe what student-centered learning is
  • explain why factory-based model is falling short

Selected Readings


  • Introduction and Chapter 1 from:
    Horn, M. B., & Staker, H. (2014). Blended: Using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.


  • None

“To Do” List


My Definition of Blended Learning

Come up with a better definition – or even a better name – for high-quality blended learning. The definition should incorporate ideas discussed in this module.

Make your initial posts before 11:59 p.m. U.S. EST/EDT on Day 5 of this module. After making your initial postings, review at least two of your classmates’ postings and reply to their threads.Complete your replies before 11:59 p.m. U.S. EST/EDT on the next Monday.

Discussion postings should always be thoughtful and courteous and include some references or direct evidence from the module’s content, readings, or assignments to support your statements. In order to ensure that postings are appropriate in length and substance, please limit your initial postings to 100 – 200 words and each of your responses to 25 – 50 words.


Project, Part 2: State Standards and Objectives

Please read the Project: Blended Learning Activity page for details about this assignment. 

Due Dates

To guide you through the whole process, six parts aligned with the ASSURE model are created. The due date for each part is listed below.

  • Project, Part 2: State Standards and Objectives (Due on the 1st day of Module 10)
  • Project, Part 3: Select Strategies and Resources (Due on the 1st day of Module 11)
  • Project, Part 4: Utilize Resources (Due on the 1st day of Module 14)
  • Project, Part 5: Require Learner Participation (Due on the 1st day of Module 15)
  • Project, Part 6: Evaluate and Revise (Due on the 1st Monday after Module 15)
    You can view the exact due dates on the Course Schedule page.