Annotated Bibliographies for Module Reading

daily-writingIn each module (except for the first and the last modules), several journal articles or book chapters are identified to assist your learning of important theories and principles pertaining to cognitive psychology and multimedia learning. For Modules 2 – 14 (13 modules), you need to summarize the most important ideas and questions for ALL journal articles and book chapters covered in that module. For EACH journal article or book chapter, the summary should be between 150 – 300 words in length. This is not a reaction paper or an excerpt, but rather your synthesis of the main ideas and related questions. Also, use these summaries to create a notebook that is the basis for your online discussion, project, and future research paper. Pleases note a total of 13 weekly syntheses are assigned, but only 10 out of 13 highest submissions will be counted toward your final grade.

A template for this assignment is created for your reference. Please use the same structure to compose your weekly annotated bibliographies.

Grading Criteria

Grades on the synthesis will be based on the following requirement. Read it carefully to get a sense of the instructor’s specific expectations. 


  • Organization of synthesis (Headings, transitions between paragraphs)
  • Level of processing of theoretical ideas and concepts
  • Level of synthesis and integration of ideas


  • Clarity of writing
  • APA style compliance 

Points taken off for

  • Excessive syntactical errors
  • Use of inappropriate/informal language
  • Missing title (e.g. APA style citation at the top of each synthesis.)


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