Before and After Assignments

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In this course, a series of “Before and After” assignments are designed to 1) sharpen your keen eyes in evaluating graphics and 2) develop your skills in designing graphics for learning. In these assignments, you are to locate graphics (before image) that violate the visual design principles introduced in the text and then use Adobe Photoshop to improve the design (after image). The source of your “before” image should be from the images pool provided at the bottom of this page.

Important notes

  • Please create a new Weebly page for each Before and After assignment. 
  • When you are examining the visual design principles introduced in each chapter, don’t take the term—visual design principle—literally. Any principle, guideline, suggestion, or idea provided is treated as visual design principle in the context of this course.
  • Your competence in identifying and analyzing a bad design (before image) is as critical as designing a good one. In order to select your before image appropriately and quickly, you need to comprehend the corresponding book chapter thoroughly. While you are reading through the chapter content, jot down what contributes to a bad design and ask yourself what can be done to improve it.
  • Before trying to locate a bad design, you might want to pick one or two visual design principles to follow. Narrowing down your selection criteria will help you identify a bad design quickly. If your selection criteria are too broad, your brain won’t be able to process so many criteria at once while viewing and choosing your before image.
  • Your after image should be AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. You should try your best effort in complying with all visual design principles in your redesign. You goal should be designing a visually appealing artwork.
  • This portfolio page contains many (before and after ) examples developed by a professional designer. Although you are not professional graphic designers, it is the hope of this class that you could aim higher and create quality works at similar level.

Images Pool