EDIT 744

Graphic Design for Instruction

Welcome to EDIT 744

graphic-design-company-image-1024x682Dear EDIT 744 Students,

This is a 16-week, fully online course (15 modules). This course introduces principles of visual literacy to the graphic design for learning. This course is for students who are interested in want to learn how to design effective graphics for teaching and learning. Participants in this course will select and apply the principles of graphic design when developing instructional materials and presentations. The appropriate use of graphic design elements (color, typography, contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity) will be discussed in detail. In addition, an image editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop CC 2015) will be introduced for creating and modifying images for digital and print formats.

To facilitate communication outside of the class, Moodle is used for homework submission, quizzes, and online communication. Also, your Coastal E-mail will be used for any other correspondence outside Moodle. It is your responsibility to check your account frequently for course announcements. Besides, do not send the instructor E-mail questions unless they are personal or confidential in nature; instead, please post your questions to the General Discussion forum on Moodle so the entire class can benefit from the answers. This is especially helpful for technical troubleshooting.


  • Read the online text, assigned textbook chapters, and online articles
  • Engage in positive and meaningful dialog with classmates concerning the course subject matter
  • Complete assignments/assessments prior to the deadline


This course has a modular structure. Each module is individually assessed, but successive modules build on previous information. The course pedagogy is based on collaborative learning and group participation. Discussion questions will form a basis for discussion. To facilitate communication, Moodle is used for homework submission and online communication. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to log in to your online course frequently for course announcements.


This is an intensive course requiring approximately 5 – 6 hours for each module. The time commitment will vary depending on the individual’s Adobe Photoshop skills, needs, and personal study habits. Participants are required to log onto the course a minimum of three times a week.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Instructional Graphics and Its Value
  2. Tools: Getting Started with Photoshop
  3. Photoshop Essentials (I)
  4. Photoshop Essentials (II)
  5. Photoshop Roundup
  6. Graphic Space and Choice
  7. Typography and Color
  8. Visual Hierarchy and Cue
  9. Visual Unity
  10. Contrast and Grouping
  11. Excitement: Juicing Up Your Design
  12. Enhancement: Adding More Meaning
  13. Visualization: Depicting Numbers
  14. Storytelling: Telling Stories with Visuals
  15. Wrap-Up and Conclusion

Again, welcome to EDIT 744. Happy surfing and learning!

Dr. Corey Lee